Good TSS size for multiple duplex loads?

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Good TSS size for multiple duplex loads?

Postby bjp9527 » Wed Oct 06, 2021 10:07 pm

I'd like to start loading duplex loads in 20ga. The main use will be a duck/goose combo load, and the second load would be a duplexed turkey load.

I'm thinking TSS#8 and steel#3 for the duck/goose load,
and TSS#8 and lead#5 for the turkey load.
Do those sizes make sense?

I got the general idea for the duck/goose load from DaveinAZ's blog (that's also what got me interested in TSS in general and what brought me to this forum). I'm thinking of using .3oz of TSS (75 pellets) and .7oz of steel (107 pellets). I think that combo should give sufficient pattern density for small ducks, while sufficient penetration for large ducks out to 40 yards (including the steel), and for large geese out to 55 yards (tungsten only).

I would go with smaller TSS, but I've heard rumors of smaller sizes putting pinholes through geese but not bringing them down right away. Can anyone speak to this? Would TSS#8.5 and steel#2 make more sense?

The purpose of the turkey load would be to up the pattern density without paying the full $3 per shot to make a straight TSS load.

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Re: Good TSS size for multiple duplex loads?

Postby patternfreak » Fri Oct 08, 2021 9:10 am

My "do all" waterfowl load is a 2/8 blend. 17/16 oz duplex. 137 grains of tss and 328 grains of steel gives me 80 pellets of TSS and 94 pellets of steel for a total of 174.

Figuring for a 70% pattern at 40 yards, which is very doable with this load, I still have around 122 pellets on target. This allows me to shoot everything from medium ducks, to large ducks, to geese with this load combo. This is not my preferred goose load, I usually load a BB/7.5 or 1/7.5 load for geese, but the 2/8 blend will get it done for sure

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Re: Good TSS size for multiple duplex loads?

Postby Dave in AZ » Wed Oct 13, 2021 5:55 pm

I like the 2, 8 blend for 174 pellets above, if >1oz. If smaller loads, like for 28ga or 20ga, probably 3, 8 to get around 170 to 190 pellets.
If large ducks and geese mostly, don't need that many pellets.
But yeah, 8tss is good size for combo load.

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