Rethinking my duplex load

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Re: Rethinking my duplex load

Postby james.moffat » Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:43 pm

Hello DerbyacresBob,

I enjoyed your post and can relate to enjoying handloading, creating a better shell/load combo. I had given some tungsten honker loads to 2 of the guys I snow goose hunt with. The lightest loads were straight TSS 8 shot in 7/8oz loads and they were taking honkers to 50. They also had some duplex with steel and TSS 7 shot. There’s a pond they hunt with a metal shed on the other side. They have hunted this pond for years with BB steel and BBB steel. The first thing they noticed when they started shooting the duplex shells is that they could hear the pellets hitting the metal shed on the far side of the pond. They theorized it was the 7 TSS, retaining velocity, and carrying farther than the BBB steel and T steel in the duplex loads. They had never heard a pellet hit the metal shed since they had started hunting there, years ago. Just an interesting anecdote but it supports what we have been writing about regarding density and retained velocity.

Hope your loads are dry and skies filled with geese next fall.


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