28ga Win AA-HS 3/4oz

Post your 28 Gauge pattern results.

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28ga Win AA-HS 3/4oz

Postby bullet225ho » Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:16 pm

Here is a pattern from a Winchester AA-HS hull. Wad is not TPS, but it's lined with mylar. Actually a very easy load to get square in the hull for crimping. I loaded two up with two different powders to see what they looked like. After seeing the results (which I think are fantastic for larger shot for geese) I don't think I'd use these on ducks or smaller than 8 TSS. Of course this was just one choke...(.547) out of 28" barrel.

These will not break any velocity records but I feel they will be well within pressure specks.

Both shots patterned at 40yrds.


207 in the circle on the first load. 1250fps
216 in the circle on the second load. 1178fps

I shot these on the same day as the others and after seeing what the duplex loads do and pellet count inside the 30" at 40 from 1/2 of TSS this type of load wouldn't suite me for my needs....however. If someone was wanting to go strictly long range pass shooting it could be the ticket. Drop to an 8 maybe....be hell on long range geese.
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Re: 28ga Win AA-HS 3/4oz

Postby hawglips » Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:12 am

Nice looking patterns.

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