Blown pattern

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Blown pattern

Postby Silvius » Mon Aug 30, 2021 3:34 pm

Hi Gents,
I have finally built and tested some TSS loads. Due to cost I only actually fired 6 shells.
5 patterns were awesome -better than full choke with standard shot but fired from an improved cylinder at 60 yards with an average of 120 hits in a 30 inch circle and 56% of shot retained. I am going to need to be on my best game with accuracy to make this one work and only use this stuff at long distances or I will just waste birds or miss them! But If I get one that far out I will be seriously chuffed.

However, one pattern was utterly blown in the middle -it has a 20 inch clear circle in the middle. I wonder what I did wrong? The recipe I have uses a 1/8'' felt wad over the shot to make up for the fact that one is trying to put a 2 3/4 inch hull's wad into a 3 inch hull. (I couldn't figure the maths on this one -how 1/8 filled 1/4 but the load comes from the best of sources, so I trusted it and the hull really did crimp OK). However, could this 1/8'' felt wad have been the culprit in the blown pattern?

In 3 of the test loads I tried something different -a 1/4'' BPI stackable gas seal under the wad instead of the 1/8'' overwad. This too crimped fine and gave better pellet counts in all 3 loads than the over wad. Have I got the solution here or is the blown pattern something else that I did wrong, like a poorly slit wad (I tried really hard to slit the wads evenly, so I hope it is not this)?



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Re: Blown pattern

Postby patternfreak » Tue Aug 31, 2021 4:20 pm

I would prefer the gas seal over the powder to get the stack height to the correct point. I see my patterns suffer with things over the shot, but never to the extent you are mentioning. Usually its a small difference, but like the name states I'm kind of a freak when it comes to analyzing patterns.

The only issue with using the gas seal is that it is going to change the pressure of the load. It will likely increase pressure, and while it shouldn't be dramatic the only way to have a quantifiable answer is to have the load tested. Good luck!

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