Hello from Wyoming

Please introduce yourself.

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Hello from Wyoming

Postby c_matt92 » Sun Jul 17, 2016 12:33 am

As you can probably tell by my username I'm Matt and I'm from eastern Wyoming. I am a close friend of BugDoctor and he's been giving me all sorts of ideas on super loads for the geese out here. After seeing him kill geese stone cold dead at 65 yards I decided there must be something to this and now here I am trying to learn all I can. My goals are to reload great 20 gauge loads for both ducks and geese that are somewhat affordable. I'm currently thinking about some duplex loads in #9 for duck with #4 steel and #7 or #5 with BB for geese but I'll listen to whatever you guys suggest.

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Re: Hello from Wyoming

Postby paulinkansas » Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:23 am

Hi Matt,
I'm sort of in the same situation you are in. Duplexing TSS and steel. Give this forum some time and I'm pretty sure you'll find a wealth of info in here.

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Re: Hello from Wyoming

Postby Fishh2o » Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:13 pm

Welcome! Read the post from Dave in AZ on this forum and also read his blog. He has a lot of info on duplexing and ballistics around duplexing., I have a link to his site in the links tab.

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Re: Hello from Wyoming

Postby hawglips » Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:01 am

Welcome Matt!

I've done some work developing TSS x steel duplexes, including a couple in the 20 ga - 7/8 oz and 1 oz payloads.

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