#4 steel duplexed with #10 tss

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#4 steel duplexed with #10 tss

Postby Blinds70 » Tue Jul 13, 2021 6:15 pm

Is anyone duplexing with #4 steel and tss #10? Was wondering if this would be a good decoying mallard load for 40yds and in? I’m thinking of trying it in 2.75 3/4oz load and trying to keep it at 1450fps or faster. Just wondering if anyone else has and there thoughts. This wouldn’t be a long range load but just a denser more ethical decoying big duck load.

continental shooter
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Re: #4 steel duplexed with #10 tss

Postby continental shooter » Thu Sep 23, 2021 5:00 pm

#10 should give you enough pellets to take a clean shot at 40 yds.
I personally don't like to go above #3...but I shoot 20 bore and can get ducks and/or geese so, need to find the best compromise :mrgreen:
Ballistically speaking #4 will penetrate 1.5″ to just about 30yds (by comparison TSS 9.5 penetrate the same at 60+ yds) so, although the pellet count is greater in a 12 bore, I would still use 3 for extra security.
There is also the fact that TSS will, at some point, overtake steel so the question is how much TSS to use to guarantee a clean kill at 40 yds without burgerising the ducks at 20 ;)

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Re: #4 steel duplexed with #10 tss

Postby paulinkansas » Sat Sep 25, 2021 6:09 pm

I pair #10TSS with #3 steel.

9 with 2.

8 with BB.

Dave in AZ
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Re: #4 steel duplexed with #10 tss

Postby Dave in AZ » Sun Sep 26, 2021 2:49 pm

20ga will easily hold 1oz of #4 steel in a 3in hull. Data is there for it. There are 191 pellets. That is plenty of pellets for a 30in pattern, you only need 140 even for small ducks like teal. Especially considering 4s only go to 30 yds or so on mallard body shots. They work fine at 40 on smaller like teal, but I wouldn't shoot them further. So it's easy to fill your pattern at 40 yds. A 75% pattern gives 143 pellets.

Not only is there no reason to add more pellets, there is active reason NOT TO. Shooting in closer, where you actually expect to mostly, that load could really burgerize the meat. I want 5 to 7 pellets max in the duck, to get me 1 lethal hit. 4 steel is already plenty pellets in 20ga, more pellets via tss degrades the load, IMO.

If a duck load has more than 200 pellets, to me that means I could increase pellet size for more range. Basically this is the same as Continental and Paul said above in diff words.

Edit... I will add, for your stated purpose of shooting inside the decoys, let's say 20 to 35 yds, it can be hard to get the tss to spread, so 20yd direct hit would shred. Here are the solutions I'd look at for 20ga:
1. 1oz to 3/4 oz 4 steel
2. 3/4 oz or less total payload, 4s and tss 10, for a low recoil small kid load? Only reason I can see to duplex this.
3. Steel 5s, 3/4oz. A ton of guys report great results with 5s. Not me, I've never tried them, but dudes I respect are shooting them close.

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Re: #4 steel duplexed with #10 tss

Postby manchap » Sun Sep 26, 2021 6:52 pm

1oz Steel 4s fit perfectly in a 2 3/4 hull with a 3"wad too , Good duck load use 1oz 3s and good for 30yrd geese.

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Re: #4 steel duplexed with #10 tss

Postby Blinds70 » Wed Oct 13, 2021 3:14 pm

Thanks for the info guys. I’ve been away a little while but I ended up going ahead and doing the 4s and 10s and I just got back from the summer lake opener. Got my 7 everyday. I got a 1 1/16 duplex load from Hal that I did with bb and 7, bb and 9, 2 and 9 and some 4 and 9, 4 and 10. All loads worked extremely well but the gadwall I shot at 20 yards with 4 and 10 was pretty well a waste. I don’t think I’ll be pairing 4 shot with tss anymore. The bb and 7 and bb and 9 were my favorites!

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