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New to forum

Postby KILLA » Sun Jul 11, 2021 8:36 pm

I have been loading tss for my 20 ga the last 3 years for turkey hunting
Before that I was a 10 ga toting 4/5/6 - 2.5 oz hevi shot shooter
So glad I switched the 10 was like toting a green crosstie and I had a youth model 870 20 ga that I put an ati adjustable stock on and an Indian creek .555 tube in - it is a real shooter with my load of #9 tss out to 70 yds although I don't shoot birds that far too often, but have a couple times, I like to keep em inside of 50 if possible.
I couldn't believe how dead the tss kills them, most don't flop
Out of the dozen or so I have killed the last 3 years (in multiple States) only 2 have thrashed about after the shot.
Glad to be a part of the tss crowd!

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Re: New to forum

Postby hawglips » Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:05 am

Welcome to the board!!

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