New member new to shotshell reloading

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New member new to shotshell reloading

Postby Blinds70 » Wed Jul 07, 2021 4:10 pm

Hi brandon here I’m new to shotshell reloading and obviously tss. Only getting into shotshell reloading to load tss. I’m a big time waterfowler. I shoot 20 ga and have for a couple years. And that’s been with factory steel. Never going back to a 12. I’m hoping this forum can help me with some load data and recipes which I’ve been having a hard time finding. Anyone want to help me with some good 20ga loads to start with?
I’ve got primed rio 2.75 hulls
TPS 20 wads
Sphero18 #7 and steel #2,#3,#4 shot for some duplex loads
Lil gun powder.
Cork filled wad
Overshot cards
Was going to roll crimp
Any information would be greatly appreciated

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