410 Load tested

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410 Load tested

Postby mt1784 » Wed Jun 30, 2021 11:31 pm

Posted on another site but wanted to share here as well.
There is not much 410 data out there so I had a 410 TSS load tested and was wanting to share the results.
The load is a 2 1/2" win hull with clay buster wad, Mylar wrap, (2) 1/8 felts Lil Gun powder and 218 grns #8 tss.
Average speed 1280
Average pressure 11,800
I am hoping this patterns ok and that the Mylar protects the barrel enough, as I need this to be my sons duck/goose load. This is his first year hunting so big learning curve.
Anyone shot a bunch of Mylar and how is it really at protecting the barrel? I know I will have to shoot a few and check but was hoping for some experiences.

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