TSS penetration field testing

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TSS penetration field testing

Postby hawglips » Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:48 pm

Several years back, I did some penetration tests using sheet metal in order to compare the relative penetration strength of various shot types and loads. I also borrowed from tests a friend did, and organized the results for informational purposes, showing the relative penetration ability of various size/density/velocity shot for those that care about such things.

For easier reference, I broke them down into five groups based on the percentages of pellets striking the tin passed completely through.

At 40 yds,
group #1: zero or less than 5% pellet pass through;
group #2: 10-25% pass through
group #3: 30-50% pass through;
group #4: 50% -75% pass through;
group #5: >90% pass through.

Note that the brown sheet metal was slightly thicker than the gray, so the comparison between the two different colored tin is not exact.

GROUP #1: zero to less than 10% pellet pass through

#9 lead at 20 yds
(high brass Rio)

#6 copper plated lead at 40 yds

#4 copper plated lead (high velocity) at 40 yds
(Federal Hi-Velocity Magnum 1-7/8 oz. turkey load)

GROUP #2: 10-25% pass through

#7 Hevi-shot (1200fps) at 40 yds
(Nitros #7s)

#6 Hevishot at 40 yds (1300fps duck loads)

GROUP #3: 30-50% pass through

#9 18g/cc tungsten (1037 fps) at 40 yds

GROUP #4: 50% to 75% pellet pass through

#6 Hevi-13 at 40 yds -- the original 13g/cc stuff, no longer available(1090 fps)

#9 18g/cc tungsten at 40 yds (1180fps)

GROUP #5: >90% pass through

#5 Hi Density (Win XR) at 40 yds (1300fps)

#7 15-16g/cc tungsten at 40 yds (1180fps) (note the tin is incorrectly labeled 7.5)

#8 18g/cc tungsten at 40 yds (1180 fps)

#7 18g/cc tungsten at 40 yds (1180 fps)

And these are some 18g/cc 9x8s (1180fps) at longer yardage just for fun.

18g/cc tungsten 9x8s at 50 yds

18g/cc tungsten 9x8s at 60 yds

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Re: TSS penetration field testing

Postby Dave in AZ » Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:48 pm

Just saw this. Interesting, thanks for taking all the time to post it up!

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