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Pellet count per ounce

Postby Fishh2o » Sat Mar 05, 2016 12:52 am

Here's a basic chart showing the approx, nominal pellet counts per ounce of shot of various materials and sizes; assuming true shape, true size and true density.

Lead Shot

Lead #2: 89/oz
Lead #4: 136/oz
Lead #5: 173/oz
Lead #6: 222/oz
Lead #7: 295/oz

12g/cc Shot (Hevi-Shot, Hevi-13, Win XRHD, Rem HD)

12g/cc #2: 81/oz
12g/cc #4: 125/oz
12g/cc #5: 159/oz
12g/cc #6: 209/oz
12g/cc #7: 278/oz


13g/cc #2: 75/oz
13g/cc #4: 115/oz
13g/cc #5: 147/oz
13g/cc #6: 193/oz
13g/cc #7: 256/oz
13g/cc #8: 352/oz

15g/cc Shot Federal Heavyweight

15g/cc #2: 65/oz
15g/cc #4: 100/oz
15g/cc #5: 127/oz
15g/cc #6: 165/oz
15g/cc #7: 219/oz
15g/cc #8: 301/oz

18g/cc Shot Tungsten Super Shot (TSS)

TSS #2: 54/oz
TSS #4: 83/oz
TSS #5: 106/oz
TSS #6: 139/oz
TSS #7: 185/oz
TSS #8: 254/oz
TSS #9: 362/oz

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Re: Pellet count per ounce

Postby Indy68 » Sat Feb 06, 2021 6:35 pm

Does anyone by chance have a pellet per ounce count for B size (single B, not double) for 12g/cc tungsten?

Not a big deal but such doesn't readily show up online.

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Re: Pellet count per ounce

Postby oddball » Sat Feb 13, 2021 5:15 pm

by my kyp program there are 56 b pellets per oz

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