Is this a fun or a dumb idea?

Open discussion on Tungsten Super Shot "TSS" Handloading.

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Is this a fun or a dumb idea?

Postby Silvius » Fri Oct 09, 2020 2:47 pm

I own some old muzzle loaders by Joseph Manton who was a great innovator and probably the best London gun maker of his day. When I was younger I used to shoot them occasionally at crows and people would laugh and warn me not to blow myself up until they saw they were actually surprisingly accurate. However outdated they are, they are excellently balanced guns that point very well. It would be a real shame to ruin one. On the other hand old Joe Manton was a great innovator who always went for the latest technology and had many patents. The guns were also themselves updated in their day by going back to Manton's workshop to be converted from flint lock to percussion (sadly greatly reducing their modern value in the process!) I am sure old Joe would have loved the idea of TSS. It would be rather poetic to just once shoot wildfowl today with TSS from a Joe Manton.

Could I do this with a 20 gauge gun using a 20 gauge fiber shot cup with a smaller fiber wad in its base to stop shot going through, Mylar wrap and a normal greased felt wad under the cup? The barrels are straight cylinders, so I think the only danger should be shot jumping out the top of the cup. If I could put some inert buffer in with the shot and on top of it, maybe it would be less jumpy? and adding say 1/16 inch deep of buffer to the top of the cup above the level of the shot would let the shot sit back slightly from the top, while still letting it be rammed home with a normal card on top?

Its only a casual idea for maybe one outing just to have done it but is it sensible or should I forget it quickly and buy a pound of bismuth?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Re: Is this a fun or a dumb idea?

Postby paulinkansas » Fri Oct 09, 2020 9:34 pm

I'd say keep your velocity below 1200 fps and you should be good. Disclaimer: just my own opinion.

My wifes dad had a SxS with hammers. It has damascus barrels. They shot normal el cheapo dove loads through it with no problem. The gun is in our safe.

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