TSS shot trap.........revisited.

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TSS shot trap.........revisited.

Postby Indy68 » Thu Aug 27, 2020 7:10 pm

I see there is an older post on shot traps to be able to reuse TSS shot but the photos are no longer visible and off site links require membership to see them.

I'm interested in building something, budget minded.

I'm assuming several layers of old carpet maybe with a layer or two of carpet padding hung an inch apart or some such would suffice but I'm curious as to what other material others have found viable for this type of project.

My largest concern with old carpet (I have an entire house worth's of it) is making the trap sturdy, yet mobile to move in the pole barn when not in use.

The other option would be to build a roofed box around it and make it stationary. I have a stretch of grass just past the pole barn that's 65 yards end to end so that's an option I may decide on

Also, I'm unclear on if the patterning paper is tacked TO something and if so, what material lasts longest for those whom have experimented?

Photos would be nice but are not mandatory. Feel free to offer insight on the carpet and or padding.

God Bless and thanks in advance.

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Re: TSS shot trap.........revisited.

Postby Greg » Fri Aug 28, 2020 4:47 am

I built on on skids so that it is portable. I originally used carpet to slow the shot but will be going with plywood on the next round. I also used 3/4 advantec flooring when I shot larger shot like 1's and bb's to slow them down even more. My issue with carpet is it is tough to reclaim all the shot that gets tangled up in it, don't try to burn it to get your shot back it won't work. I'll try to add some pictures of my setup

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