A Fair Warning from an ol' Hooser Hunter

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A Fair Warning from an ol' Hooser Hunter

Postby Indy68 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 6:42 pm

New to the board and I decided to go back to my first love of wingshooting after about committing suicide bowhunting (and black powder) deer for several decades. Sure, I could do both but what habitat that's decent for whitetail locally is either leased or otherwise shut off. My LONG time honey hole got commandeered by the owner's grand-daughter's husbands AND their kids but.........still family so even though I have permission, I pulled stakes. 99 deer to my record and bout 75 are from that spot so it owes me naught. The grandsons (kinda) were always whining about me being there and I had too much affection for this family, (friends of mine my entire life) for me to allow that to happen. Not hunters, the owner just didn't understand why 8 people couldn't get along and hunt 16 acres of woods together..... :shock: :roll:

A few bird and rabbit spots around, fewer birds but seriously I know NO ONE that hunts upland birds anymore and few rabbit hunters. Geese have a following but not on small areas where they can't put out 200 decoys, build a blind and take the crew from work.......so I might whack a couple. Ducks are purely coincidental when they are hunting geese. Doves? Oh we got doves. Big limit too (Daily bag limit: 15. Possession limit: 45) and ZERO dove hunters in the oodles of shooters I know. 90 percent are Sporting Clay or Skeet shooters......period.

I traveled out of state for ruffed grouse twice early in my life. That and a trip or two after cacklers or Mr. Bob might be in the plans after this year.

So, I've been scouring the shotguns available. Not going to use my first year production Wingmaster 20 Ga ADL. It's for my 2 year old Grandson...someday.

Not looking for suggestions on what shotgun, thanks anyway. I'm old, grumpy, not in the greatest health, HATE being told what to do (that went South went I retired, ;) ) I'm stuck in my ways, bull-headed and I'm "going to do it my way". 8-) I'm still mad because I cant' find enough quail to shoot 300 or more annually like decades past. GOTTA MAKE MORE CORN MONEY ya know. Tear out those small woods and fencerows, drain all those swamps. "State of the Art" "New and Improved" "Technologies finest chemicals". :evil:

So there, you have been fairly warned....in advance. No worries. I read LOTS more than I post. :lol:
God Bless

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Re: A Fair Warning from an ol' Hooser Hunter

Postby hawglips » Mon Aug 03, 2020 1:52 pm

Welcome Indy!

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