Stop me if you’ve heard this before...

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before...

Postby pcloadletter » Sun Apr 26, 2020 11:38 am

Ok, not new go hunting but new to reloading. Getting into reloading because a friend introduced me to TSS. My world will never be the same. While I enjoy Turkey hunting immensely, the end game for me and my guys is waterfowl. Looking forward to any insights anyone has, especially duplexing steel with TSS. Hawglips has already been an amazing help.

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Re: Stop me if you’ve heard this before...

Postby paulinkansas » Mon Apr 27, 2020 8:36 am

In a nutshell, duplexing TSS with steel is going to cost you about one extra dollar per shell. A box of shells will cost you about $33. Here is the common method. Take a published load with Alliant steel powder. You can get it from their website. You can also get the book Lightning Steel from precision reloading. Substitute 1/4 oz TSS for 1/4 oz steel pellets. Put the TSS on the bottom of the wad. You'll need to use the next smaller size wad of the same style that's called for in the recipe. In other words, you'll be putting 1.0 oz of shot in a .875 oz wad. This is perfect with the Lightning Steel book. With recipes from the Alliant website, you'll put 1.125 oz of shot in a 1.0 oz wad, or 1.25 oz of shot in a 1.125 oz wad. All killer, no filler. You might have to play around with the exact amount of steel to get a good crimp. If you need a felt filler, it goes on the bottom.

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