100 Yards #4 load Tested and finished

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100 Yards #4 load Tested and finished

Postby Miroku » Thu Mar 05, 2020 3:24 pm

Just wanted to tell about the new 100yd redfox load I have developed, and you can substitute it in any other size if you like for other purposes:-)
Cheddite blank plastic hull 70mm( 2 3/4) from BP, Fed 209a, 35gn Longshot, TPS1275(the purple one) split in two 2/3 of length or 5mm from the "ring" on the bottom with a CSD20 inside split in two just above the vents, and a magnum 28(green one) inside f that again. 3 wads with the 2split opposite(each other way) Both the csd20 and the mag28 are the gas seal cut off. The 20+28 sticks about 4mm out over the tps1275. 36 Gram TSS us4, PSBbuffer to just fill the gaps between pellets. ODScard, roll crimp.
1330FPS with 8900psi. NOTE; This is measured on a Pressure Trace II. The pressure is not EXACTLY that but in the neighborhood. My calibration cartridge are Win SuperSpeed Gen 2. 50gram Lead and that averages 11800psi on my PT II.
On 100 Yd the shot circle was 70 CM./ 28 inches. and that contained all of the pellets as far as I could tell. The penetration is...enough for Redfox;-)
The roll crimp length is just a bitty tiny... slightly too short, so 36 and 37 grains gave lower pressure and lower velocity (of course) Maybe 34 grains would have done better, but I started on 35 and that was spot on almost. I have loaded for 30yrs, and TSS from "it came" I dont know when but 2008???, at that time I was "alone on the white part of the map" no one wrote about it, and no data (well still not a lot) but that never was a problem because I had a PTgen 1 at that time, and a PeakStrainMeter before that, and I just don't know how many kilos of TSS and Hevi-shot etc that has gone downrange---hahaha.
I shot the loads over hard snow to recover the wads. The TPS1275 separates first and I find them at 30-40 yds and then the 20 and 28 lies about 30 yds out with the 20 first. Just as I expected.
There are always other ways to split wads and other combos but on "shorter" distances why worry about that?
This was a "laser" design, and it worked, lets just say that I Know it did;-)
My next project is to do a 3" version with 45-50 gram, but I just haven't figured that out, because the 28 gauge wad only takes 36grams TSS.

Dave In UK
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Re: 100 Yards #4 load Tested and finished

Postby Dave In UK » Sun Mar 08, 2020 2:19 pm

Good write up :)

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