one ounce TSS /Fibre cup wad thru percussion pedersoli 12g

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one ounce TSS /Fibre cup wad thru percussion pedersoli 12g

Postby edengreylag » Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:14 am

Seems TSS#7 15G/CC, likes a bigger powder charge to shove it along.So the end game is this for my pedersoli percussion 12 guage

70 grains of 777 powder(tried 50 and its just too weak)

over powder card wad--the stiffer variety( you need it as the fibre cup wad is a folded design with a hole in its base.With no thick wad under it its too flimsy.)
fibre cup wad,4 petals cut right to base.these wads are thick and stiff.dont cut the petals to the base and the petals will not open evenly.

place a 20g single thick spacer in fibre cup wad after you have pushed the wad into the bore a ways (mines actually a pedersoli 13 guage so its a bitch).If you had a proper 12 guage you should do this easier than i can.Push the whole wad down say 4 inches so its truly in the bore.Dont shove it all down in case your ramrod pushes the bottom of the fibre wad out.
Add your One ounce of TSS#7 15G/CC,
Overshot card wad and shove it all gently home.

You are now ready for a goose out to a comfortable 45-50 yards.Good enough.You shouldnt need be sky busting anyways and this load will beat the crud out of any steel or bismuth stuff you load up. And btw--as you all probably know--the penetration is awesome!!
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Re: one ounce TSS /Fibre cup wad thru percussion pedersoli 12g

Postby P.coverts » Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:02 pm

looks good to me, is that a 30" circle?

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