Black powder percussion load???

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Black powder percussion load???

Postby edengreylag » Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:16 am

Just bought a pedersoli s/s 12 guage.Now it kills geese (had it out a few days back on opening day taking out local resident Canadas that we have here are here in the UK these days)But its cylinder and with Bismuth that mean 25 yards or maybe 30 ,But TSS is a new ball game and should be viable up to my usual 40-45 yards i shoot here inland with lead or on the shore with steel .Im advised ill probably get good 60 yard patterns but that's more than i need in a muzzle loader.Question is---- im advised that the pressures may shoot up as its TSS im loading not bismuth or even steel. and since no-one knows how many grains to use im in uncharted territories here.If i load 28g(an ounce) i could use the usual 80 grains of powder but who knows???.Taking delivery of some TSS and bio wads soon so im hoping someone has data somewhere????
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