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Open discussion on Tungsten Super Shot "TSS" Handloading.

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Component advise

Postby DMTJAGER » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:38 pm

I saw the section of beginners reloading tools and I have all those and more already, but as I have no experience reloading hi density shot that can damage a barrel, I need to know what shot cub or shot wad to buy as well as shot shell filler wad to buy along with what type and manufacture of Mylar wrap to buy to reload 12 gauge 3" shells using 1.75oz loads of #7 TSS. Lastly I have a butt load of suitable powers for HG reloading, but does one powder shine above all others for reloading TSS shot shells?
I have been reloading rifle and HG for over 30 years, but never reloaded shotgun before. Plan on buying pre-primed 12ga shells for one time use only.

Thank you,
Art, DMTJ.

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Re: Component advise

Postby paulinkansas » Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:40 pm

Hello Mr Jager,
That used to be my shot of choice about 30 years ago, along with Rumpleminze. Nowadays, any quantity of that would put me in a coma.

But back to your subject. I'm assuming you are loading the 15g/cc #7 for turkey. 1.75 oz is way too much for waterfowl. Instead of listing components, powders, wads etc I'll just post a link to recipes.
Here it is:

If you are hunting waterfowl, say so. We can give you some guidance on that.

edit: Most people use Alliant STEEL powder in their non-tox loads of steel, hevi-shot and TSS. These non-tox payloads do not compress under ignition, therefore they need a powder that won't product a pressure spike upon firing. I think 11,500 psi is the max pressure for a 3" shotgun, but I could be mistaken.

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