20 ga snow goose loads

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20 ga snow goose loads

Postby gracie31 » Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:00 pm


I’m looking for a 20 ga duplex load to take to Quil lake this spring. I just got my TSS order in to Hoglips. I ordered # 9 tss. I was thinking of using #2 steel in a 3 in hull. I have read Dave’s post and blogs but still in clear about the best way to get this load. Any advice would be great!

Dave in AZ
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Re: 20 ga snow goose loads

Postby Dave in AZ » Thu Jan 24, 2019 4:51 pm

Hi, sent you a PM. Reposting most of it here for other's use.
FIRST, Hal may have a good already tested duplex load for 20ga 3", I'd contact him and ask. Using a tested load is the best plan. Otherwise YOU would have to test it. All the info I'm going to post below is just UNTESTED calculations--anyone making a load like this is responsible for sending it in for safety testing.

Glad you've enjoyed reading my blog.
Here's the one I'd look at for 20ga TSS/steel:
https://pipesf16.wordpress.com/tsssteel ... alcs-20ga/

The published loads I'd use as a basis are listed at the top, the CSD203 and pt2092 ones from BPI. There is also a new "tps20" wad that's really a gualandi "LBC" wad from BPI which is the same size and would hold 1oz steel, but I don't know of any published or tested data yet.

Partway down that blog is a spot for #2steel/#9.5TSS. Look at that one. Just start with this BPI load:
160714-8214 20ga 3.00" Cheddite hull Ch209 Steel 27.0 gr
CSD203 426gr Steel #B/2 2slits
BSB 8gr buffer (I would leave this out!)
11,000psi 1420fps Fold crimp
from BPI email Jonathan

Then remove part of the 426gr of steel shot and replace with the same weight of #9 TSS. Depending on how much you replace you'll get your pellet count.
Roster's Medium Goose CONSEP numbers for lethality are #2 to #BB steel when over decoys, 60-65 pellets in a 30" pattern. Lots of guys report good success on snows with #2, but probably not out at 50 yds..
So assuming like a 75% pattern, that means you need 86 pellets to start.

Here's the calcs from my spreadsheet for using 328gr #2 steel (3/4oz) and the rest tss#9 (98gr):
$25.26 $1.01 328 #2 3.537068478 92.73216 TSS #9 98 1.224152886 80.05536 426 173 130

So that's a total of 93 pellets of #2 steel, and 80 pellets TSS for 173 total, and with 75% pattern 130 in the pattern. That gives you all the pellets you need for a med goose just from the TSS alone, OR the #2 steel, pretty much. Assuming around 2.0" gel penetration needed for snow goose (1.5 is common param for duck, 2.25 for canadas), the TSS would give you 51yds penetration range. With that many pellets, you'll get more head/neck so effective range should be greater. About $1 per shell cost.

I'd load the TSS under the steel. You'll need some spacers, so I'd probably put a mylar wrap inside the wad then some felt or cork, THEN the TSS, THEN the #2 steel. That should hold your TSS in a tighter pattern for longer range utility.

I have no idea what the final pressure would be or if it's safe to shoot, but I'd expect it to be less than the pure steel load and to be safe to send in for testing, or shoot a few for patterns.

You could reduce the TSS and increase the steel as desired for less pellet count and less cost. This would be a great load though I'd expect

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