28ga TSS Duplex Incremental Patterns 15-55yds

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28ga TSS Duplex Incremental Patterns 15-55yds

Postby bullet225ho » Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:46 pm

Hey folks,

Had a little free time this afternoon and thought I'd do something that I have wanted to do for a while. That is to see where shot is at certain distances in the TSS steel duplex that a few of us load.

I wanted to go in equal increments. 10yrds is just too close and I'm sure I've never shot any waterfowl at 10yrds. 15 yards is a different story. I'd say I've shot several birds in the 15 yrd range from decoying mallards to green wing buzzing the inside ege of the decoys.....So I started at 15 yrds and then 25, 35, 45 and finally 55 All shots where off hand and I wish I had time to setup the table at each distance and also the chronograph...but I was in race against incoming rain. This bit me on the 55yd shot as I was a tad high...(you'll see in the pattern)

This is 1/2oz of 8.5 TSS and just under a half ounce of #4 steel shot on top of the TSS. Fiocchi hull, lil gun powder, TPS wad, cheddite primer.....Tested velocity is just a tick above 1300....so we'll call it 1300fps.

First...15yds. The larger circles are 4 steel. You can see how the steel is really out growing the TSS even at 15yds.

25yds. At 25 yds the Steel has pretty much filled in the 30" circle....actually a few are outside of it. At 25yds the 4 is still lethal at this point. TSS starting to grow slowly

35yds. 35 doesn't look a ton different that 25 with the exception of just few more steel outside of the circle and TSS starting to open slowly inside the circle....4 steel is at the end of its lethality at this point (head/neck) But that's fine...see 45 and 55

45yds. at 45 you can see very few steel still in the pattern (that's fine...4 steel at this range is basically a ping pong ball...not lethal) You can also see the TSS has filled the 30" circle nicely with a stray just outside of circle.

55yds. Unfortunately I didn't hit exactly where I was looking on this shot...I was just a bit high. If I could have hit the paper square we'd see that the Steel is almost completely gone from the pattern and totally useless at this point....what you can also see is how well the TSS stays together. There are 148 TSS pellets in this load. I counted 123 on the paper and the others where not low (mostly steel ((2 TSS)) under circle) so the other 25 pellets had to be up top.
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Re: 28ga TSS Duplex Incremental Patterns 15-55yds

Postby manchap » Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:53 am

Very nice

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Re: 28ga TSS Duplex Incremental Patterns 15-55yds

Postby paulinkansas » Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:35 pm

Do you use anything behind your patterning board to catch the shot? I put up a piece of plywood on the front of mine. It only has steel and TSS pellets in it. Eventually I'll cut it into small squares and burn it in a coffee can.

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Re: 28ga TSS Duplex Incremental Patterns 15-55yds

Postby bullet225ho » Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:39 pm

Yes, I made a trap first thing when I moved out here.

I've done 2 clean outs and I've recovered a good bit of shot. A good bit of my shot stays in the mats I think. It will eventually fall to the bottom. I'm not sure how many rounds I have through my trap, but I'd guess 25 and I need to change a couple of the mats out.

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Re: 28ga TSS Duplex Incremental Patterns 15-55yds

Postby Dave in AZ » Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:39 am

Awesome work! Thanks for posting and doing the hard work!

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