TSS 8 1/2 vs 9

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TSS 8 1/2 vs 9

Postby phillip.imamura » Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:12 pm

Is the any difference in performance between 8 1/2 vs 9's?

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Re: TSS 8 1/2 vs 9

Postby bullet225ho » Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:36 pm

There is a difference for sure...it's small but there is a difference. I'll list the data that I have on the two.

TSS #8.5 1oz has 298 pellets each pellet has an 1.50" gel penetration at 1300fps MV of 78.6yds (32deg 1000ft elevation)

TSS #9 1oz has 357 pellets each pellet has an 1.50" gel penetration at 1300fps MV of 68.5yds (32deg 1000ft elevation)

So that is the difference according to KPY.

What we don't know is how does each pattern compared to the other? How does the smaller 9 perform with a touch smaller wound channel? These are some questions that some folks have posed and even myself. I do know that last year I had a couple of ducks hit with 8.5 TSS at range(40+yds) that took the outer edge of the pattern (I was behind bird) and flew basically dead from 35 up to 80 yrds and either slowly descended into the bank or slowly descended into tree branches. All three birds had 4 or less 8.5 shot to the body and it took just a tad for them to drop out of the air.

This concerns some folks, but the other 22 birds were dishrag dead....(my buddy shooting steel had many follow up shots on cripples using 2 and 4 steel)

If I were hunting in thick marsh, had no dog....I could see how those three birds may have been difficult to find...however...each bird was laying basically where I saw it hit the ground or tree.

one could argue that the 9s have a denser pattern and you will get more pellets in a given bird which negates the wound channel theory.

With that being said...I have 8.5 and 10s at the moment. I've got 410 loaded up with 10's duplex with 4 steel and the 8.5 will go 28ga duplex with #5 steel.

Hope this helps

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Re: TSS 8 1/2 vs 9

Postby hawglips » Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:07 am

I tend to lean towards the perspective that if penetration energy for the two pellets being considered is adequate, you're better off with more pellets - as opposed to increasing penetration energy well past the point of adequacy at the expense of pattern density. I think over the long haul you come out ahead that way. But the world of TSS is relatively young...

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