Sandhill cranes

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Sandhill cranes

Postby hawglips » Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:26 pm

A buddy went on a sandhill crane hunt and decided to try one of my 1-1/4 oz loads with #5s.

Here's his report:

"TSS #5 at 1 1/4 oz worked well on Cranes. The cranes decoyed as we shot most of them at 35 to 40 yards. TSS #5 turned them inside out.

This is a crane load if anyone asks. Worked well on big Canada Geese as well.
1-1/4 oz #5s
1309 fps, 6393 psi

Thank you for stepping up my game. My buddies were shooting steel BBB and wanted my hand loads after that shoot.'


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Re: Sandhill cranes

Postby Fishh2o » Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:51 pm

Very NICE! I love Sandhills the Ribeye of the sky.

Roll with it. If you stay above 55 the wheel wont fall off.

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Re: Sandhill cranes

Postby mjy03 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 10:00 pm

It was a great hunt. TSS is a game changer. Cranes decoyed and TSS did the job. Tasty as well.

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