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Re: Bulge

Postby Ironhead74 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:39 pm

It is my understanding that the 2 dies listed below are for use on star crimp or as we in america call it fold crimp:

STP brass roll crimper for plastic case star/fold crimp closure - This is the die most of us buy for finishing a PLASTIC hull that is a 6 or 8 point star/fold crimp that a mec reloader does.

STC Brass roll crimper paper hulls for star/fold crimp closure. - This is the same as above just made to do PAPER hulls.

I have emailed Solwaygunner and the BN1-BN-4 determines the crimp depth with BN1 being the shallowest and BN4 being the deepest. This pertains to the 2 dies listed above. Also he has told me you do NOT have to final crimp on a reloader before using the die, you can precrimp and go straight to the Gaep die to close/finish the shell. It is up to you.

The 2 dies listed below are Gaep's dies to do a RTO closure on a hull with a O/S card. Lostknife uses a GAEP die on at least his plastic RTO loads, BPI and PR also make dies for this closure:

OTC Brass roll crimper paper hulls for round crimp closure
OTP Brass roll crimper plastic hulls for round edge closure

Finally BOP Brass roll crimper for Gualandi Palla Slug is for slugs. Dont know if it will work with all slugs or just the Gualandi's.

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Re: Bulge

Postby Fishh2o » Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:33 am

Yeah I’ve been using the gape finishers for sometime now with my 12ga loads. I haven’t bought one for 28 gauge yet but need to. I pretty much roll crimp everything now so the gape RTO is all I really use. Those crimps where I got the bulge were from stuffing too much in a hull basically. With Dave’s solution I haven’t had it anymore but I’m also not using that load anymore. If I do fold crimp I use a BN-2 for steel and BN-4 for TSS that has a lot of fillers. I’ve gotten to the point that I do r spike steel anymore. I like a full TSS round it’s made me concentrate on the birds and make ethical decisions. I know my ammunition and it’s limits so I don’t knock off and waste rounds.

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Re: Bulge

Postby paulinkansas » Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:48 pm

Judging by your last picture, your crimp depth looks to be about 1/32" too deep in my opinion. That would cause a bulge.

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