First time loading Tss-very successful Turkey season.

Turkey hunting

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First time loading Tss-very successful Turkey season.

Postby TurkeyTerror37 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:59 am

This year was the first year I’ve tried TSS for hunting. I bought 3Lbs split between me and a friend, and loaded 12 shells for each of us with Hals 12 ga 2oz 3 inch load recipe. My friend took a nephew of his out for youth season and although he pulled the shot and hit the bird in the back it still dropped him like a ton of bricks. They filmed it all and have it on youtube which is very cool for him:

I shot mine early opening morning at about 30 yds and it never even flopped. My buddy shot his the next day at 65 yds and the same thing happened. We both are very happy and impressed with these shells- they’re like nothing else out there. I was also very excited to have killed the oldest bird I ever have this year. Just shy of 1 3/8” spurs on him.
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