Hello new guy here

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Hello new guy here

Postby ross.douglas » Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:07 pm

I am wanting to get started loading TSS for coyotes and Turkey hunting. I have a Mec jr press but haven't ever loading anything other than 2&3/4" dove loads. I have a Rockchucker single stage press, RCBS 505 scale, and a RCBS digital scale. I have been loading for rifles for years but never really got into the shot shells. I am interested in getting set up to load 3.5" 2.5oz loads and 3" 2.25oz loads. Want to load #8s for Turkey and #2s for the coyotes. I need data and equipment. I really like the roll crimping but have never done it. I will probably start with primed hulls. The main reason I want to load my own is to be able to have the shells when I need them.

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