3.5" 2.5oz #9TSS 12g Loads

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3.5" 2.5oz #9TSS 12g Loads

Postby dmbethea » Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:13 pm

I am new to the forum and I've been researching loading my own TSS in 3.5" 2.5oz #9 for my SX3 Longbeard. I know that Hal is the legend when it comes to loading TSS. I would like to order some shot and data from him or someone. I've loaded a lot of rifle shells and I want to start loading my turkey shells. I have a hull vise, vibratory table, scales, shell blocks, shot/powder/buffer cups and drill press for exacto roll crimper. I was not planning on getting a press as I plan on loading each shell one at a time to ensure exact/precise measurements.Thanks for the help. Dave

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