Rethinking my duplex load

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Re: Rethinking my duplex load

Postby derbyacresbob » Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:58 pm

James I would take the Heavyweight #5 shot out and reload it in 1 oz or 1-1/8 oz loads or duplex 3/4 oz of FHW shot with some steel shot. I have reloaded some coyotes loads in the Fed 3-1/2" hulls and I have also cut the crimps off and pulled the wads out to make new 3" hulls.

I reloaded some of the 3-1/2" hulls with 1-7/8 oz of TSS #2 shot for coyotes.


1460 fps TSS #3 shot gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 106.9 yards.
1460 fps TSS BB shot gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 187.9 yards.
1460 fps TSS T shot gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 231.8 yards.

TSS #3 or #4 shot gives plenty of penetration for coyotes with quite a few more pellets than TSS #2 shot.

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