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Dave in AZ
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Re: TSS and Snow Geese

Postby Dave in AZ » Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:42 pm

Great field reports and load testing, James, thanks so much for the writeup also!

I'll probably be basing any recommendations I were to give off YOUR field results ;)

Same to you Bob, thanks for your post and info.

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Re: TSS and Snow Geese

Postby james.moffat » Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:10 am


That's big medicine in what you have. I read somewhere that Federal HW at 15g is comparable to TSS 18g by going down 1 to 1.5 sizes(probably one of Dave's posts). So 6's in HW would be like 7's or 7.5's in TSS. Your only challenge will be matching choke sizes to ranges across the various loads and distances. I'd trade snows for specs every day of the week. We had a few that actually decoyed, but season was closed.

I understand the long drives to hunt. Where I was hunting last week was 320 miles from home. When I started hunting them it was by accident because a friend asked if there was anyplace he could take his two teenage sons. My cousin lives on a farm near Mound City/Squaw Creek and had often mentioned the migration so I asked him if we could come up and hunt. That was in 2011. We killed 9 geese on A pond jump and were ridiculed fiercely by my 75 year old farmer uncle who claimed their were 10,000 Geese on that pond and he could have killed 9 with a BB gun. True story!

It was a slow, painful, and very expensive learning curve. The smartest, best thing that happened was we joined forces with our main local competitor and eventually built new friendships, and grew our 1,000 bird, 2 rotary spread to a 3,500 bird, 10 rotary spread over the last 3 years. We also now have redundancy with e-callers so when one went down, we had 2 backup 4 speaker systems. And we custom built some big rotaries, 2 14 bird and one 18 bird. Our former competitor was a QB in college and got to know some local college ball players and he would trade sweat equity by allowing them to hunt if they helped setup and tear down the spread. This helped us 50 year olds out a lot and it's always fun seeing the sport through young eyes.

I'm spoiled and I know it. But I also remember paying my dues and killing nothing over dekes the first 2 years...did everything wrong. If I was smart, I would have quit. Luckily, I'm hard-headed. Started with all silhouettes, had stereo speakers that Flared geese vs monotone PA speakers that work, didn't realize the importance of making blinds disappear with corn stubble husks in every strap and filling in between layouts to make it alook like a terrace versus 8 blinds, modulating volume on e-caller like you would a duck call, no motion decoys/rotaries, and the list goes on.
Where I'm spoiled the most has been the new friendships, the former competitor/college QB and a local. We have become good friends over the last few years along with a few other guys I met joining forces. There's not a selfish one in the group. Nobody has to kill the first, last, or all the geese. We look out for each other and swap ends if the geese start sliding to one side. Whenever we go to eat at night, someone's always cutting off the waitress and paying the entire tab, or running to town mid-day and coming back with 4 pizzas. The hunt becomes secondary to the people but it's the hunt and the migration that pulls us all together.
Good luck with the tungsten loads you pulled together and let me know what's working best for you. I'll do the same.


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Re: TSS and Snow Geese

Postby Fishh2o » Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:28 pm

Heck I want an invite to go get snows. I grew up in Katy Texas before it became Houston and we had a blast killing geese. Nice job and great reports.

Roll with it. If you stay above 55 the wheel wont fall off.

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Re: TSS and Snow Geese

Postby heroux » Fri Nov 06, 2020 9:53 am

hello all

I'm new on this forum. i'm from canada french part of canada. sorry for my English.

i'm using tss for the first time this year. i bought tss shot 8. i hunt canada geese and snow geese. i read on other web site ( https://www.i-shoot-tss.com/en/) number 8 was not good enough for geese past 40 meters. my initial speed is 1500 fps. what do you think about that?

i read on your post number 8 should be find past 60 yards.
i have some question:

1- because tss is very expensive i woul like to use the Perfect match between pellets count and energy. do you think 8 shot tss 18g/cm3 is enough and what is maximum range for that load. i m looking around 60 yard with initial 1500 fps initial speed.

2- what software do you use for kpi? what is the exact kpi for tss 8 18g/cm3 ( maximum range for geese 55mm gel penetration).

3- I have also an option for tss 15g/cm3 shot number 7. what is kpi for that shot compare to tss 18g/cm3 shot number 8.

4- for duplex load with steel for geese, what would be the best to minimise the use of expensive tss and have an effective range around 60 yards. is tss shot number 8 is one of your choice. how much tss do you use for 60 yards range compare to steel.

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Re: TSS and Snow Geese

Postby derbyacresbob » Fri Nov 06, 2020 1:33 pm


Below are some steel shot and TSS shot speeds and penetrations from KPY for 1,000 ft elevation and 2.50" of gel penetration for big geese. The steel shot pellet counts are for 1 oz of shot and the TSS pellet counts are for 1/4 oz of shot.

It looks like a duplex load of steel T shot and TSS #8 shot would be a good honker load to around 55 yards. With 1 oz of steel T shot and 1/4 oz of TSS #8 shot you would have a total of about 115 pellets in that duplex load.

1500 fps steel BB shot gets 2.50" of gel penetration at 39.4 yards with about 71 pellets in 1 oz.
1500 fps steel BBB shot gets 2.50" of gel penetration at 46.6 yards with about 60 pellets in 1 oz.
1500 fps steel T shot gets 2.50" of gel penetration at 53.9 yards with about 52 pellets in 1 oz.

1500 fps TSS #8 shot gets 2.50" of gel penetration at 58.2 yards with about 63 pellets in 1/4 oz.
1500 fps TSS #7 shot gets 2.50" of gel penetration at 76 yards with about 46 pellets in 1/4 oz.

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Re: TSS and Snow Geese

Postby heroux » Fri Nov 06, 2020 4:11 pm

thank you

have you ever tried duplex load with steel T shot + tss shot 8? sound good!

Do you prefer the one with tss shot 7 ? what is the best, maximise the number of pellet or energy per pellet?

i shot geese with shot number 8 but it was under 50 yards. i have never tried over 45 yards in fact. i was mixing with BB steel.

continental shooter
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Re: TSS and Snow Geese

Postby continental shooter » Sun Aug 01, 2021 7:51 am

hey Heroux,

tried reading the duplex post on Daves posts and blogs ;)

I'd say it's a good mix on a tested load


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