Excelent in 28 ga

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Excelent in 28 ga

Postby dakotashooter2 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:32 pm

Decided I wanted to try shoot some Canada geese (10-12 lbs) over field decoys with the 28 ga this fall. I looked at factory steel loads and even handloaded steel but was not impressed with the potential. Too small of shot for my liking. So I ordered some ITX 13. After a couple of hunts all I can say is WOW. It may not be as effective as TSS but it is a huge improvement over steel. On one hunt 5 geese fell to the little gun with ITX loads with narry a cripple. The load was 13/16 oz of #6 ITX at around 1400 FPS and it crushed every bird it hit. Ranges were from 20 yards out to about 45. Even my 20 ga shooting #2 steel isn't as effective. as a side note I was shooting Kent #Bismuth in the second barrel, alternating between ITX and Bismuth as my first shot. Bismuth only accounted for 2 birds that day (total of 7) and one was a cripple. I didn't even mind the cost too bad because it wasn't any more than a premium 12 ga steel load.

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