28ga Early Woodies and teal

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28ga Early Woodies and teal

Postby Fishh2o » Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:53 pm

Last year I was shooting a 12ga duplex load with great success. This year the 28ga double is going so Im curious if anyone has tried out the 1/2 - 1oz loads and thoughts. Im going to load up some different ones this week and pattern some this weekend if the rang opens.. As of today still can't get into the one by the house since IRMA left a bruise on a few of the 5stands.

Roll with it. If you stay above 55 the wheel wont fall off.

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Re: 28ga Early Woodies and teal

Postby Dave in AZ » Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:22 pm

Toasty was using for a couple years this setup:
110gr TSS #9 (90 pellets) underneath steel. I'd use #9.5 for 110 pellets or so.
245gr #4 steel (106 pellets). Or 235gr #3 steel fits.

Total pellets could be 216, very nice for small ducks and plenty of long range TSS for large ducks!

He made numerous posts about great success with it, at DHC and here too I think. I was supposed to get it tested, it was close to what I was working on and we coordinated, but of course I sat around on my arse and never sent it in. Hal ended up getting it tested and it's a good load, he got 1290 fps and Toasty got 1320 or so.

PM Hal and see if you might get that load data, I think it's toasty's favorite right now and he's had great success with it.

Dave in AZ
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Re: 28ga Early Woodies and teal

Postby Dave in AZ » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:10 am

I just got into the 20ga steel loads last year so much, and found that with a full 1oz of #3 at 1480 fps I was mostly good for ducks. If I wasn't using that then I was doing 7/8oz of HW13#6 for my boys, which is of course an awesome load.

However, this year I have a new 28ga O/U Stevens 555. Double firing but I'm getting that fixed. And I did really well with it dove hunting as a single shot, usually < 25 shells for 15 birds, and you know how dove can be a quick snap shot. So I have a lot of confidence in shooting it, enough that I'd "risk" shooting TSS out of it at ducks! So this year I'm really leaning towards using that duplex load toasty has been using, that Hal just tested, in 28ga. I want better than 1400 fps though.

With #4 you get 106 pellets, with #3 you get 81 pellets; plus the TSS, either 110 #9.5 or 90 #9. They way toasty is shooting it is #4 and #9, 196 pellets.
I think I'd lean towards #3 and #9.5, 191 pellets. Plenty of pellets, the TSS exceeds any range you want, and the #3 steel has 7 yards more range maybe... I just don't like #4 steel at 1300 fps or so, I see it as 27 yards on mallard body.

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Re: 28ga Early Woodies and teal

Postby hawglips » Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:16 pm

I shot a 1/2 oz load of #10s in my 28 ga M37 last year on woodies and was impressed.

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