WGeese and ITX

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WGeese and ITX

Postby dakotashooter2 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:44 pm

Decided I was going to try the 28 ga for geese (in decoys) this season. Didn't figure steel was a good option so I ordered some ITX 13 and loaded some 13/16 oz loads of #6 at somewhere around 1450 fps. Now I know for geese I probably should have gone to #4s but I wanted a little more pattern density than what they offered. Patterns were pretty good out of a Mod and IC choke so I was set to go. I also wanted to give Kent Bismuth #6 a try so my trial consisted of IXT in the first barrel, Bismuth in the second. Every 4 volleys I switched the order to give both loads an equal chance at being the first shot. The first hunt I only had one opportunity. One shot with the ITX 13 and the 10 lb goose dropped like he had been hit with a hammer. So far so good. The second hunt went better though my shooting got off to a rough start because I was having some issues with gun mount was wearing a gillie coat and the buttstock kept hanging up. Despite that I ended up with 8 birds. 6 fell to the ITX, 2 to the bismuth. The ITX produced 5 clean kills, the birds dropped with bismuth required a coup de gras. Again the birds hit with the ITX dropped like a hammer hit them. Ranges varied from about 20 yards to around 35. I used to shoot a few bonus geese with #6 lead so I thought the bismuth would be fine, it wasn't. Not sure the bismuth was a good test because I seem to remember that the shot is European sizing which would make it about a #7 shot. I'm thinking #4s or even #3s would be much better but Kent doesn't sell them in 28 ga. I questioned if the #6 ITX would be enough but initial testing seems to indicate it is OK out to 40 yards. I'm not sure #4s would really be much better. I did have some bismuth #5s I had loaded with scavenged shot but forgot to try them. If TSS is even better than the ITX I can only imagine what the results might be but it would get pretty pricy shooting 8 birds with it almost every hunt. Gonna order some more ITX and continue the test but I think I found my "big game load" for my 28 ga...

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Re: WGeese and ITX

Postby Dave in AZ » Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:08 pm

Nice post! Great to get real field results!

You may be interested in these two blogs I wrote on bismuth which touch on the points you made in your post:

Bismuth shot/payload size analysis
https://pipesf16.wordpress.com/bismuth- ... -analysis/

Of note, BT and another field report both said that #2 bismuth wasn't enough for solid kills on geese, #1 was better.


Bismuth shot size differences, US vs. UK
https://pipesf16.wordpress.com/bismuth- ... -us-vs-uk/

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