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Retrieving pole

Postby Fishh2o » Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:04 am

Dave in AZ... I was looking at your blog post whats in your blind bag and I was curious if you could post a picture of this:

extendable golf-ball retriever w/ pool noodle taped over handle (floats), 15ft duck/decoy retriever, collapses to 3.5ft, camoed. Cut the end so it’s hooked gaff-like.

This came from the blog post

Roll with it. If you stay above 55 the wheel wont fall off.

Dave in AZ
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Re: Retrieving pole

Postby Dave in AZ » Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:55 pm

Fish, I updated the blog with some pictures... it's much easier for me to post pics there, just drag and drop on my computer. I put one of the decoy/retrieve pole, also of my backpack and the waterproof bucket I have stuff in, which I sometimes use as a seat. It fits inside my backpack, or in my boat between my knees. Yeah, it also functions great as a crapper with some of those plastic grocery bags stretched across the top! ;)

p.s. was looking at your land again from the air, and googlemaps.. came here today to see how it's going there for you, PM me an update! I diverted into ABQ last week and was thinking of something to do there, maybe a visit next time.

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