Hello from Cabot Arkansas

Please introduce yourself.

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Hello from Cabot Arkansas

Postby Bush7mmstw » Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:23 pm

My name is Gary Bush. I'm primarily a whitetail deer hunter and have handloaded my rifle ammo for 25+ years and used to load my own shotgun shells when I was in high school and my early 20s. Hunted ducks, dove pheasant and quail all with handloads. Shot my first turkey with a handloaded shell in 1990 but shifted away from feathers to fur for the most part after 1990. Although I'm not a die hard turkey hunter like some of my friends I really appreciate the benefits of loading my own ammo for accuracy and consistency. Really like the benefits of TSS loads based on what I've read and seen from others and decided it was time to make the investment in shotgun reloading equipment for TSS for my turkey hunting just like I've reloaded for my rifles. Glad to be on the forum and look forward to learning.


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