28 ga 1-1/2 oz 9-1/2s

Turkey hunting

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28 ga 1-1/2 oz 9-1/2s

Postby hawglips » Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:16 pm

Went out today and hunted hard all morning, but was unable to find anything. Found a nice place to sit down and eat lunch, and decided to stretch out and take a nap. Dozed off a little, and laid around for about an hour or so, and called every now and then.

About 1:40, immediately after a lost yelp series on the box, I heard a single note yelp in response. It was the first turkey sound I'd heard all day. I sat up, whirled around to face the sound, and fumbled for my mouth call. Before I could get a hold of it, I saw the turkey standing by the edge of a swamp, with the body posture of "come on if you want company, but I ain't coming no closer." So, I put the bead on her and let 'em go.

I stepped it off at 48 yds. Thought it was a closer, but it's nice to have the excess cushion. The load is 1-1/2 oz of 9-1/2s, going about 1025 fps MV.



She'd been feeding in the willow oaks...

Dave in AZ
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Re: 28 ga 1-1/2 oz 9-1/2s

Postby Dave in AZ » Sun Nov 27, 2016 4:18 pm

Very nice.
Have to get drawn for turkey here in AZ, and I never remember to put in for it.

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