#10s and crows

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#10s and crows

Postby hawglips » Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:34 pm

I decided to do some field research on the #10s and loaded up a box of 3/4 oz 28 ga shells. I was shooting a brand new Featherlite M37 with the 28" barrel and put in the Improved Cylinder choke since that was the most open one I had. Had steady action over decoys, but with most shots being a bit on the long side from 40 to 60 yds. I killed a couple that I picked up 60 yds away including a quite high one. I was not getting my head down good on this new gun and I believe the misses were shooter error - I shot a box of shells with 11 crows and 1 bonus dove bagged.

I think the 10s are going to do well.

Missed a lot of shots I should have made, and made some pretty nice ones. But I love the way the M37 handles, points and shoots. I'm really going to enjoy it I believe. Planning on taking it out after some woodies in a few weeks. I'm going to try out a 7/8 oz load (28 ga) of 8-1/2s on the ducks. I usually shoot a 9/16 oz load of 9-1/2s on swamp woodies, but want to get a better feel for the 7/8 oz load.





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Re: #10s and crows

Postby Dave in AZ » Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:38 am

I probably already replied to this elsewhere, but still... THANKS for posting it, and it looks like a lot of fun for the boys!

My boys are 12/13 this year, still pretty small-- 20ga is the largest they can heft and hit stuff yet. Spent the last couple days looking at a zillion numbers to decide how I want to use up the rest of my TSS 9.5s, pretty much decided to duplex it with steel using 3/4oz 20ga/2.75" load from BPI, so I don't have to use all the fillers. Just got off the phone w/ azdukhuntr talking about our load plans, and we both mentioned we saw this #10 TSS post and results by you with the boys.

Just thought I'd stop by and say hi and kudos to you!

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